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Neytiri Statue - Avatar


Review: SideShow Collectibles

Neytiri Statue



In celebration of the artistry behind James Cameron's AVATAR, Sideshow Collectibles produced the Neytiri Statue. There is so much detail that you will find yourself finding something new each time you look at it.


The pose Sideshow picked for Neytiri has her ready to strike at the militant attackers of her people and at the same time shows off curves and features that are unique to Neytiri.


This is a Polystone Statue that stands about 17 inches tall when fully assembled. Some very basic assembly is required out of the box (Neytiri on to the base, hand 1, hand 2, tail and knife).

If you picked up the Sideshow Exclusive edition,  you also have another choice for the right hand - hand with a dagger. It weighs about 12 pounds and is well made, but also fragile enough that you don’t want to have it on an end shelf where there is traffic passing by a lot.


Idol Workshop,  Nathan Mansfield and The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team,  did an amazing job to recreate every detail on this piece from the length the toes are apart, to the feathers, eyes, to the markings on the hunting bow. No details were missed.

There is mixed media on this piece,  but the majority is all polystone. The bow string is an actual string, which is welcome on a piece for the realism, and the hair is softer than the poly but still rigid. It seems to be a rubbery type of material.


There are so many amazing angles to look at with this piece that it will look great on a shelf with a straight view, or on a high or low one. With most statues, they have one very dynamic pose that was the desired “focal point” and if you don’t display it in the way in which it was intended to be displayed, it just looks off.  That is not the case with this piece, while we are sure there was an intended focal point, you get a whole new feel when looking from below or from on high, and all views are equally enjoyable to view.


With any company, sometimes what you see in the pre-production images is not exactly what arrives at your door (which could be due to approvals, or issues with production), but with this piece, the piece looks even better in person and is even more detailed than the website shots.  It’s an old cliché to say pictures don’t do it justice, but in this case it really is true.

I tried to take several different shots, in different types of settings and with different lighting just to show you how amazing, and different this piece can look from different angles and with different light sources.

The crazy thing about this piece is that  you can still pick one up from Sideshow for $289.99 or in Flex Pay payments of $96.66 – This is well worth the price and then some.

I was actually shocked to see it still available direct from the source without having to resort to ebay at higher prices.  You can click here to grab one from Sideshow – with this only being out a few months and all the positive reviews from websites like ours and collectors, I can’t imagine it hanging around too much longer.

"Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake. She protects only the balance of life."

- Neytiri to  Jake as he prays at the Tree of Souls.





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