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Review: Tonner Avatar Collection Neytiri


Today, we bring  you a special review of the recently released Neytiri Doll from Tonner.



Let's start with the packaging and un-boxing.  Neytiri comes boxed in an all white outbox to protect the beautiful inner box from any scratches or marks. The outbox is simple yet elegant, it is not overdone but is re-sealable without any damage to the box or doll which is a nice touch should you need to pack her away or for moving. 




Neytiri is cradled in what I am calling a "satin bed" with plastic protective case on top.  Both hands are covered in foam to protect the delicate hands. The tail, base, stand and knife are packed apart from Neytiri .




Neytiri stands approximately 22" tall and is made of  high quality resin and has multiple  ball-jointed areas for a variety of posing options.  Her tail easily attaches via small magnets placed inside the tail and body. This is also a nice feature if your display is limited so you can choose to display her without it (but you won't want to)



She is hand-painted, so each one will be unique to you.  All of her costume is authentic from the film.  It must have taken massive amounts of time to hand make each of her accessories from the brown knife holder to the multi-green leg bands and the beaded armbands.




The face sculpt, paint, hair and beaded hair accessories are truly a work of art. The images in his review do not do this piece justice, she is simply stunning in person.




From her meticulously painted yellow eyes,  to the hand braided hair with beads and feathers, not a detail was overlooked. The loin cloth is linen and is accented with faux suede and a beaded belt. The mixed media on this piece are really what makes it stand out from any other collectible or figure released to date.




I own nearly every Avatar collectible out there and I can say without hesitation,  that this is hands down the best Neytiri in my collection. There is a very limited edition on Neytiri of 150 pieces .


You can buy her alone at this link for $799.99 or the duo (The Avatar Collection)  which includes Jake for $1500 (saving you just under $100)  at this link







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